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Providing Discipleship, Education & Humanitarian Aid in Jacmel, Haiti


5 for 5 Matching Challenge

The Fondation Momprince Thomas is launching a project to build new accommodations on our Mission House property in Lavanneau. This expansion will allow us to better serve the Lavanneau community, our school children, the orphanage and its caretakers, and mission staff.

One of our donors has generously agreed to match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000 to support our growing foundation! Now, your gift can go twice as far! 


Who We Are

Our mission is to change the lives of children living in poverty in the rural and remote villages of Jacmel Haiti by providing them with physical and spiritual nourishment, quality healthcare, and education.

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Our Projects

The Momprince Thomas Foundation has several on-going projects that aim to help build up the community of Lavanneau and spread our ministry. These include the building of an orphan's home, a local medical clinic and church, providing a quality education in our newly built school, transporting mission groups, and spreading evangelism and outreach ministries.

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FMT School

  • We aim to provide quality education to rural children who live in Lavanneau, Jacmel, offering K-9th grade.

  • We work with partners to provide uniforms and schools supplies to the children 

  • Our ultimate goal is to provide daily healthy meals to children who are malnourished. In the COVID19 Crisis, we aim to continue this despite closures.

Shining Light House

The Fondation Momprice Thomas has recently grown! We have incorporated what used to be the Shining Light Mission, an orphanage housing children in Haiti. We accepted 14 orphans from the Mission, which closed its doors last December 2019. 

Because of this growth, it will be necessary for us to build a new home on our complex to house these children and their caretakers.


  • Our goal is to build a local church in Lavanneau so that the community will not have to cross the river to go to church in Jacmel. 

  • We hold worship services every Thursday night; attendance has grown to over 100.

  • Currently, we host several mission trips annually with different volunteer groups from within the United States

  • New volunteer missionary groups are encouraged to join us.


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